Tough Question Tuesday: What Do You Use For Tracking eBay Sales?


Q:  What Do You Use For Tracking eBay Sales?


A: I just recently started using this tool, and I’m very pleased. :-)  If you know me, you know I will not recommend something that I just absolutely don’t use myself.

I’m absolutely loving the spreadsheet from Easy Auctions Tracker.  It’s amazing!  I reached out to the creators and they’ve agreed to give a $5 discount through March 15th.  I highly recommend it.

Easy Auctions Tracker is the Ultimate Excel spreadsheet solution for eBay sellers and Trading Assistants! This spreadsheet doesn’t calculate your fees, it actually COLLECTS your transaction information from your eBay account for you!!

This will make your busy life so much easier!

Very user friendly – if you need help, the support email is very responsive.

Use the paypal button on this page for the $5 discount

If you pull your January transaction data in by March 30th – this will let you go back as far as Jan. 1st (since eBay stores the info on their servers for 3 months). This will enable you to have complete 2009 info. in your spreadsheet if you choose to purchase the full version.

I’ve been looking for an easy FAST tool for eBay bookkeeping and this does the trick.

Have fun with it!  :-)
Easy Auctions Tracker - The Ultimate eBay Spreadsheet!


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