eBay’s Duplicate Listing Policy

Overview of the policy

Buyers need to be able to compare different items to make a smart and informed decision about purchases. The duplicate listings policy is designed to make sure that sellers don’t list in a way that will clutter up the buying experience and in turn hurt the overall marketplace.

Duplicate listings are?

Listings are considered duplicates if they are for items that have no significant difference between them. The best way to avoid having your listings treated as duplicates is to make sure you show the differences between items.  Different titles, prices, photos, subtitles, product IDs, etc.

Follow these guidelines to make sure that your listings follow eBay’s listing policies and have the best possible position in eBay’s Best Match sort order:

  • List identical items in one multi-quantity fixed price listing.
  • List items with variations such as size and color in one fixed price listing with variations.
  • List items that fit multiple vehicles in parts compatibility listings. Don’t include the compatible vehicles in the title.

Read the complete guidelines for eBay’s Duplicate Listing Policy here.

Make sure you are following the guidelines. If your listings don’t follow the guidelines, they may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits to your buying and selling privileges and even suspension of your account.



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