eBay is Protecting Your Rating

ebay has some safeguards in place to help protect your record of great service.
  • Get an automatic 5-star communication rating on all transactions where you offer same-day or 1-day handling time, in other words if you promise to ship your item within 24 hours.  Just upload tracking information by the end of the next business day, and there is no communication between you and the buyer.  Since there is no communication needed, there is no communication rating to be left, and that keeps your rating at 5-stars.

  • Feedback for unpaid items: Feedback that is left by a buyer with an unpaid item recorded for the transaction will be automatically removed from your record.  So, if the buyer doesn’t pay for the item and you report it as being unpaid, then they can no longer leave you feedback about that transaction.
  • Global protection: Earlier this year, eBay started displaying an automatic message on the View Item page to buyers outside the US regarding customs-related delays and customs duties. Because of this, any Feedback from international buyers that only references customs issues will qualify for Feedback removal.  If you were worried about selling globally, now you have a little added protection.  No more worries about customs causing you a bad feedback rating.

Isn’t it nice to know that eBay is trying to help safeguard the sellers as well as the buyers?  One of the reasons I love selling on eBay!


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